Meet Our Vestry 

The Vestry is the elected parish council.  Members of the Vestry are elected by the parish at the Annual Meeting.  They must be regular in attendance at worship, Confirmed, and known (only to the Parish Treasurer) as contributors.  The Vestry members are legally, financially, and spiritually responsible for the well-being of the parish church.

Dukie Barner - Clerk

Dukie was baptized, confirmed, and married in Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, McKenney, Virginia. She moved to Yorktown, Virginia and became active member, with David, her husband, of Grace Episcopal Church. They retired and moved to Lake Gaston and joined All Saints Episcopal Church in 2010.  They have assisted in many social events at All Saints, prior to her service on vestry.  As a vestry member, she plans to carry out the visions and needs of All Saints and the community through the joint work of the laity and our clergy. She hopes to encourage a continued creative process with flexibility for new ideas while still holding strong to the traditions of The Episcopal Church.

Tony Fleming - Junior Warden

Tony was brought up in the Disciples of Christ denomination.  He and his wife, Marla, have been Episcopalians for over forty years, participating in the Diocese of Virginia and Diocese of Atlanta.  They live on Lake Gaston, and Tony is happy to bring his experience in construction and insurance to All Saints in service of the vestry and in the work of Junior Warden, leading the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

Jennifer Quinn

Jennifer volunteers in the Parish Office and assists with Zoom and other technology at All Saints.  She comes from a military family with a varied experience in Christian formation.  She and her husband, Richard, make their home in Roanoke Rapids.  They have participated in the life and ministry of All Saints for over a decade.  Jennifer brings a diverse experience of culture and people to the vestry, and she shares her talent of organization, simplicity, and orderliness.


Chris Lehman

Chris grew up in Roanoke Rapids and spent his childhood and most of his adult life attending All Saints’. Following high school graduation, he attended UNC Chapel Hill. During their time as students, he and Sandy were married at All Saints’. They have two grown daughters, both of whom were also married at All Saints’. He began serving on the Vestry in the early 1980s and had the honor of being both Junior and Senior Warden over these years. Along with being on the Vestry, other areas of church are working in the church gardens, and serving as a Worship Leader. His formal education is from UNC Chapel Hill where he received a BS in Pharmacy, Master of Public Health and Doctor of Pharmacy. He has been practicing Pharmacy since 1969, and spent nearly forty years as Director of Pharmacy at ECU Health North Hospital.  He and Sandy have been married for nearly 60 years. They enjoy spending time at the beach, seeing children and grandchildren when possible, and doing yard and garden work at home and at church. They also enjoy time with their standard poodle, Gabriel.

Malena Maradiaga

Honduras is Malena's country of origin. She and her husband, Gerardo, have three grown children, an 8 year old grandson and a 3 year old granddaughter. Malena practiced medicine for ten years, until the mid 1990’s when they chose to move to the Mid West, USA. In 2002, they became members of All Saints.  She enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, traveling and crocheting. She has worked as a volunteer in several nonprofit organzations / projects here as well as in Honduras.  She brings new perspectives, a desire to learn new things, and a different culture to the leadership of All Saints.

Rae Mitchell - Senior Warden

Rae was born, raised and still lives on a farm in Tillery, North Carolina. She retired from the Greensville County School System in Emporia, Virginia on July 1, 2013. She enjoys retirement - filling her days with reading, learning, Zoom meetings for the Diocese of North Carolina Council. A friend invited her to attend All Saints one Sunday and immediately, she felt that she belonged. She was confirmed in 1982 and serves joyfully in the choir and as Chair of the Worship Ministry. Rae is a Parish Office Volunteer.

In addition to her service on vestry, Rae was elected to and serves on the Diocesan Council of the Diocese of North Carolina.

Edwin Imasuen

Edwin was raised in the Anglican Communion in the Church of Nigeria.  He was confirmed at Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He serves as a vice president at Halifax Community College.  Edwin brings a deep knowledge of Anglican tradition and Christian faith to the vestry, along with his leadership and organizational skills.

Mike Scott

Mike and his wife, Cathy, have lived in Roanoke Rapids for 28 years and have been members of All Saints since 2008. Their greatest attraction to all Saints is the sense of family and community exhibited by our fellow members and worshippers. Having owned and operated two small businesses in Roanoke Rapids over the past 30 years, Mike has gained the invaluable experience of working with people from all parts of life. He hopes that he can contribute to the vestry through his business and community background.

Mike previously served as Junior Warden, working with buildings and grounds, and hopes to continue to support the life and ministry of All Saints through his participation in vestry.  

Joanne Parrott

Joanne was born and raised in Halifax County. She graduated from The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.  She was raised in the Baptist tradition.  Her son, KC & his wife Caitlin live in Leland. Her godson, Jason Wright & his wife Stephanie have one son, Paul,  and they are the owners of  Red Rabbit Coffee in town. She worked for the Roanoke Rapids Sanitary District for 36 years and is now retired. She joined All Saint’s’ Episcopal Church in 1996. Joanne served two previous terms on the Vestry at All Saints. She serves on the Altar Guild, Outreach, and Worship Committees. She is a Eucharistic Minister and a Lector, and Parish Office Volunteer.  Joanne found her religious beliefs affirmed in The Episcopal Church & strives to uphold the Church in return.  


Diocesan Leadership from All Saints

Parishioners also serve in leadership roles in the Diocese of North Carolina.  In 2023, the following members of All Saints are participating in the life and ministry of our diocese:

Rae Mitchell was elected to serve on the Diocesan Council, which serves as a council of advice and a governing board for our diocese.  Rae's background in education and nearly life-long experience in culture and living in eastern North Carolina allow her to represent the northeastern "Rocky Mount Convocation" of the Diocese of North Carolina.  

Mary Wellman was elected to serve on the Standing Committee of the Diocese of North Carolina.  Her skills as an educator and involvement in the life of the Diocese and of All Saints since her youth provide her with perspective to serve this work in discernment.

Tom Wellman serves on the Foundation of the Diocese of North Carolina.  Tom is an experienced attorney, having practiced law in Halifax County for decades and is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association.

Patricia Barnes serves as President of the Church Periodical Club.  Her back ground in education and leadership skills and life-long dedication to the Diocese of NC serves her well in this work.

Val Short serves on the Sustainability Committee of the diocese, aiding parishes in grant application completion for diocesan grants, and awarding grants to parishes in our diocese.  She shares decades of experience in human resources, non-profits, and grants with this work.

Tony Short serves in the new initiative, Churches Helping Churches, to help church leaders in the diocese with business and financial accountability and reporting.  Tony has served as treasurer of All Saints for many years and has much experience in completing audits, parochial reports, and other diocesan requirements.