2023-2026 All Saints Strategic Plan

Click here for 2023-2026 Strategic Plan Brochure

The link above is the Brochure of the 2023-2026 All Saints Strategic Plan.

This is the 2023-2026 All Saints Strategic Plan for all members of All Saints Episcopal Church to read. It is a new initiative that will enable the church to flourish for years to come. Consequently, the skills and talents of every member of the church are needed to make the implementation of the Strategic Plan successful. Therefore, every member of the church is encouraged to choose and become a member of any committees of their choice listed in the Strategic Plan Brochure. Please submit your name and the committee of your choice to the Rev. Sonny Browne by July 16, 2023, using this form:

Click to select your committee preferences and more.


This link contains the full document of the 2023-2026 All Saints Strategic Plan:

2023-2024 All Saint Strategic Plan (full document)