Building Rental and Use

All Saints's buildings were built with community use in mind.  The church building originally had a screen mounted on the rood beam to allow films to be shown for the public.  The parish house was built with the intention by the parish leaders that it would be available for use by community organizations.  It has been used as a voting site and for many Roanoke Rapids High School functions.  We are happy to continue to make our buildings available for a variety of uses congruent with the ethos of The Episcopal Church.

  • Members of All Saints may use the buildings without fee, as they support the church financially and with their time and talent.
  • Non-profit organizations may use the spaces with a reduced fee or no fee.  
  • Individuals and businesses may rent spaces for events for a fee.

Please contact the parish office by email or phone to inquire about building use and saving dates on our calendar.