Roanoke Rapids was founded in 1897 as a mill town, meaning that it was designed to house mill workers, mill owners, and businesses to cater to both.  Episcopalians were part of the mix of people who entered the area for the opportunity of economic prosperity.  They met informally on Sunday mornings in store fronts and in people's houses, much as the early church did in the first centuries.

They constructed a building on Hamilton Street as a mission in the Diocese of North Carolina, which served them until 1916.  The current 1916 building was designed by Hobart Upjohn, who also designed the Roanoke Rapids High School, both at the commission of Samuel F. Patterson, founder of Roanoke Rapids.  The Gothic revival building was intended - and still is - to be available for community program use.

Following World War II, All Saints constructed the parish house at 9 East 7th Street, which included a large meeting room, office, restrooms, and classrooms.  The building was intended to be - and still is - available for community use.

The former Roanoke Rapids Sanitary District Office (635 Hamilton Street) was acquired by All Saints and is now used as the parish office.  

The parish is more diverse in the twenty-first century than it has ever been, as it seeks to welcome and fully embrace all God's people.  We embrace diversity and inclusivity as we offer welcome to all in the name of Jesus in our new century in Roanoke Rapids and Roanoke Valley region.

All are welcome in this place.