Altar Guild

Chair: Mary Wellman & Betty Harris

Mary Wellman Co-Chair - 252-586-5449
Betty Harris Co-Chair 252-578-9012
Normally the Altar Guild prepares the Altar and church for worship each week, after being on hold because of the pandemic, we are now back in church on a limited basis.  A sacristy is basically a kitchen for the Altar.  Guild members maintain the sacristy in good order and keep it stocked for worship. Any member of the parish who would like to serve on the Altar Guild is welcome.  Contact Mary Wellman or Betty Harris to speak with them about training and orientation.
Team 1 - 1st Sunday of Month
   Kathy Mitchell
    Pat Barnes
Team 2 - 2nd Sunday
Betty Harris - team coordinator
    Joanne Parrott
    Mary Wellman 

Team 3 - 3rd Sunday
Vacant- team coordinator
     Donna Wall

  Team 4 - 4th Sunday
Vacant - team coordinator
   Katie Green
   Cathy Scott

5th Sunday
To be announced
  July 2021  
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