Daughters of the King (DOK)

President: Donna Wall

Vision Statement

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, our vision as Daughters of the King (DOK) is to know Jesus Christ, to make Him known to others, and become reflections of God's love throughout the world.

One of the things they take care of is the The Little Free Pantry. This red panty box is located on 7th street across from the Parish House and provides canned, boxed food items for those in need in the area. The Daughters along with support from church members and friends, daily fill the box with items to help families in need as well as students on their way to and from school. The DOK welcomes donations for the pantry. If you are interested in donating to this worthy cause, you can contact Donna Wall via email at ldwall@charter.net or the parish office for more information.


Our Ministries


All Saints Soup Ministry 

The Daughters of the King offer a "Soup Ministry" at All Saints. Through this ministry, we are able to provide homemade soup to a member who is ill, or in need of assistance.

If you know of someone who this ministry could help, contact in the church office and they will be sure to put the name on the delivery list.


Little Free Pantry                                                               
What began as a way to provide snacks to the students on the way to school, quickly morphed into a place where folks in the community could stop to get food items if they had a need. This little pantry was a stopping place daily for folks during the beginning of the Pandemic. We quickly realized the service this pantry was providing people within our own community was a real necessity. The DOK fill it faithfully and receive support from members of our congregation. We have also received support from citizens within our community as well as other faith based organizations. Look for the Little Free Pantry with the words " Take what you need, give what you can " as you ride down 7th street. It is across the street from our Parish House.  Donations are accepted to help support this important ministry within our community, for more information please contact the parish office at 252-537-3610.


Suggested Food Donations Week by Week

1st Sunday – cereal, granola & protein bars, instant oatmeal & grits, water, juice

2nd Sunday – canned proteins such as tuna, chicken, Vienna sausages, ravioli, soup, spam, water

3rd Sunday - canned vegetables & fruits, pasta, rice, macaroni & cheese, ramen noodles, water

4th Sunday - pasta, rice, macaroni & cheese, ramen noodles, water