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July 6, 2014

4 Pentecost, Proper 9 (A) – 2014
The yolk that fits

Genesis 22:1-14Psalm 13Romans 6:12-23Matthew 10:40-42

Today’s reading from Matthew’s gospel is quite a contrast to what we’ve been hearing Jesus say lately. For most of the last few weeks, Jesus has been talking about the cost of discipleship – the certainty of persecution, conflict, suffering and painful division for those who choose to follow him. “Leave it all behind, pick up your cross, give up your life for my sake.” Strong stuff like that.

Today his tone changes, and Jesus is all sweetness and light – promising rest and comfort, light burdens and easy yokes. This is more like it. Gentle masters are much more to our liking – if we must have masters at all. But Jesus’ words are a little more complex than they seem.

First of all, the primary thrust of what Jesus is saying here is not directed toward people who have just any kind of difficulty. By “all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens,” or an older translation, “who labor and are heavy laden,” Jesus doesn’t primarily mean folks with ordinary problems – such as too many bills, or being unemployed, or sick, or having ungrateful kids, a hard life, or whatever. Jesus has all sorts of things to say about stuff like that, but that’s not what he’s talking about here. Here, Jesus is talking quite specifically to and about those who are on a religious quest – those who are seeking God, and relationship with God. He is calling to himself the religiously exhausted – those who, like Paul was just saying, have tried all of the usual ways of finding some peace with the divine and have achieved only frustration.   
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Bishop Curry Advocates for Public Education at Moral Monday

By Summerlee Walter

Diocesan House - Raleigh, Raleigh


On June 9, 2014, over 1,000 people gathered on Halifax Mall outside of the North Carolina General Assembly to advocate for changes to North Carolina's public education system as part of the ongoing Moral Monday demonstrations.

They asked for teacher raises, protection for teacher aids and support positions, and an end to a voucher system that allows parents to use public funds to send their children to private schools. The Right Reverend Michael Curry, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, spoke to the gathering, reminding those assembled that a sound education is a divine right, a human right, and for the common good.

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The Vestry - 2014
Each year three new members are elected to serve three year terms while three rotate off the Vestry.
This year's Vestry and their committees are as follows:

Effective with Annual Meeting, Winter, 2014

   Bob Burke, Senior Warden    
   Mike Scott, Junior Warden    

   Bryant Brooks - Christian Education
   Bob Burke - Congregational Life & Finance
   Shannon Jarchow - Evangelism

   Bobby Barnes - Property
   Chris Canady - Congregational Life & Brotherhood
   Mike Scott - Property

   Jack Barber - Stewardship
   Ginny Orbedahl - Social Ministry
   Liz Thiele - Music and Worship

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