Tuesdays at 12 Book Club

Leader: The Rev. Sonny Browne

Tuesdays at Twelve is a time to discuss topics that most folks would prefer not to discuss due to shame, embarrassment, guilt, or discomfort regarding the topic.  We're ready to lay them out on the table here.  In an atmosphere of respect and honesty, we host a space to discuss difficult topics.  No shouting, just honest discussion and sharing surrounding difficult discussions. Do read the books to participate.  All on Zoom (note the Zoom link on our website).  Email rectorrrnc@gmail.com for the passcode to join the discussion.

All are welcome to Zoom in on Tuesdays at Twelve. You do not need to be a member to participate.

The Zoom room opens at 11:50 to gather. We'll begin with a prayer at 12:02.

The next read begins on September 19th with Part One of Paved Paradise by Henry Grabar.