August 2019   
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Mary Wellman

Our Outreach Committee has been actively participating in the following outreach ministries:


They provided lunch in June and July for campers at the John 3: 16 Center that was held on Lake Gaston. 

They have been assisting our DOK ladies in a Shower Ministry, by collecting personal hygiene items  to be sent to St. Mark's Episocpal Church in Austin, Texas.


Donations have been made to Children's Miracle Network. 


They have contributed to Episocpal Relief and Development for their ongoing work to combat hungeer, pverty, disaster and disease.





Through Food for the Poor, they gave a water pupmp to a thirsty village in need of a fresh water sourse.


They contributed to the Episcopal Farmworkers Minister in Newton Grove to help meet the spirtial, emotional and physical needs of seasonal and migrant workers here in our state.