July 2017  
Bible Search
Adult Education
Team Fred, Worth & Joan: cfe66@hotmail.com

Sunday School in the Parish House
On Sundays between Services
:30 to 10:30 am

We're having a study of the following:
What does it mean to be an Episcopalian Christian?

In this “survey class:”
We’ll look at how the Episcopal Church started;

What its unique emphases are; How it is both like and different from other denominations; How it views the Bible; What important role the Book of Common Prayer has; How it relates to the world; And many other things, especially matters that arise from participants’ questions.

This will be a refresher for some and new information for others.

Please invite guests who might like to learn about us – and may be interested in joining our church family.
(That gives you a chance to invite others to come.)

Leadership will be provided by our “clergy crew,”
Joan Vella, Worth Jennings and Fred Eichner


by all participants as they share experiences and insights.

We sincerely hope you’ll participate!